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The warm-hearted atmosphere of an Italian city … It’s piazza and wine bar … Its narrow streets and wide avenues lined with arcades … And, in an organised jumble, cars … quiet unique… boasting elegant and exceptional designed coachwork, ultimate extreme machinery, basically awesome cars …

The central piazza

This is the exhibition’s throbbing heart … A square similar to those that exist in most Italian towns whatever their size. With its arcades overshadowing the terrace of a café or a wine bar; its narrow streets from which a Vespa appears out of the blue carrying a loving couple. A square where there is pure chaos to find a parking place, exclusive cars mingling with ‘Mr. average’s car’.

The space is large, allowing to bring to the fore side by side : the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante from 1952 of which only four models were built and kindly on loan from the Turin Automobile Museum and the actual Disco Volante by Touring Superleggera, as well as the 1967 Lamborghini Miura designed by Gandini boasting a Bertone body.

At the heart of this hectic piazza, slotted between the Ferrari 275 GTS Pininfarina, that for a time belonged to the actress Raquel Welch, the Fiat V8 Zagato (1952), a Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada (1964) designed by Giugiaro, the De Tomaso Mangusta Bertone (from the ‘60s), an Iso Rivolta Grifo Giugiaro (1963), the Lancia B24 Spyder Pininfarina, unveiled at the Brussels Car Show in 1956, and numerous other beautiful machines (in total more than 20 cars will be parked on the piazza), the décor will include, by way of a wink, several hard to avoid popular small cars that added so much life to the narrow Italian streets during the ‘50s and ‘60s: a Fiat Cinquecento Giardiniera, a tricycle Vespa, a Multipla taxi not forgetting an Autobianchina Cabrio…

In this unique atmosphere visitors will definitely want to settle down on the terrace of the wine bar and feast their eyes upon this exhibition.

Concorso d’eleganza

Those fabulous ‘50s inspired the greatest Italian designers such as Bertone, Vignale, Ghia, Touring, Pininfarina. Still today the Concours d’Elegance, such as the one held at Villa d’Este is one of the most sought after in Europe. It is in this zone that six of the most exceptional coachworks will be on display of which, among others the unique Fiat 8V (Otto Vu) Factory Car and the Alfa Romeo Coupé Pininfarina 6C 2600…


If Italy goes hand in hand with beautiful coachwork, it is definitely synonymous with racing, speed, competitions … The Mille Miglia, renowned race where these powerful machines roared along small roads between Brescia and Rome, the Targa Florio, an incredibly taxing race that abused both cars and drivers on the mountainous Sicilian roads … are there to remind us. In the exhibition, on a large screen where visitors will have the opportunity to follow various stages of these renowned races, a few of these mythical models will emerge, among others the Ferrari 250 SWB.

Show Room

The Italian design of the ‘50s and ‘60s has made way for today’s supercars that have nothing to envy their predecessors. One merely needs to admire the highly exclusive Lamborghini Veneno whose name in itself exudes the aggression hidden under its bonnet, of which a mere three models were produced in 2013, or the LaFerrari, Ferrari’s most recent supercar with its unequalled technical characteristics, the successor to the Enzo. These two great models as also various others of a similar type will be displayed on the fringe of the piazza in a “Show room” boasting a contemporary setting.

The Lambo Legend

With their bull’s emblem, the Lamborghini goes to the extreme! They enthral just as much on the track as they do on the road or….at an exhibition. Lamborghini opted to support the ”Italian Car Passion, la bella macchina “ by becoming the “Title sponsor”. As such, the zone located at the end of the “Blue Boulevard”, on the ground floor of the Autoworld Museum, is entirely dedicated to them. The opportunity to (re)discover these exceptional cars that built on the Lambo legend as from the make’s first years (1964) through to this day with the Gallardo Spider, the Super Trofeo, the Murcialago Versace, the Aventador and the Huracan.


The Terrace / Wine bar

There are no Italian public squares not boasting a shaded terrace where one can enjoy a real coffee or a glass of the local wine. Therefore it goes without saying that on the piazza of the “Italian Car Passion”, a terrace has been installed allowing the visitors to imagine themselves far away from our winter greyness. The venue will also be available for private receptions in the evening.

The exhibition’s boutique

Standing alongside the terrace, the boutique will offer a wide range of items linked to the Italian automobile and proposed by our partners, as also the catalogue of the exhibition with a comment on each model on display (FR-NL-EN – priced at 20€ and 25€), a unique polo shirt designed in partnerships with the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, a special print run of the poster, numerous DVD, scale models of which a red Lambo Miura bearing the exhibition’s colours (limited edition) and many other presents that will definitely be welcome in the end of year festive period.


Prior to leaving the museum, visitors will have the opportunity to immortalise their visit through being photographed in a true “Italian” setting, with a high backdrop and a typical vehicle. A souvenir-photo will be printed on the spot and sent to their favourite social network.

expo italian car passion



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